Introducing Peter Cullen FIML


Corporate facilitator, coach, mentor, author and speaker

Peter Cullen’s extensive international aviation career included carriers of the highest standard, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways International where he spent 10 years in senior management. Running parallel with his career was his passion to support people needing to build resilience, to grow as a person and in business. To develop a performance mindset.

Peter's primary focus is on the leadership and management of people with additional expertise in team building, communication and building resilience in front line people through to senior management. His facilitation style is learner focused with the intention of helping participants improve their knowledge and skill levels whilst enhancing their willingness and ability to implement what they have learned in the workplace.

Peter enjoys providing an open and honest environment for people and teams to truly grow and develop with purpose and direction.

Peter also facilitates leadership and management programs and is a coach and member mentor with the Australian Institute of Management. He currently writes their Career Doctor column in each addition of their member magazine Leadership Matters and was a weekly columnist on workplace behaviour with the Courier Mail in Queensland

He genuinely loves what he does.


We have worked with a broad spectrum of organisations that vary from medium size through to global, from various industry sectors to government. We have worked with aviation, non-profit, banking, warehouse and distribution, IT, government departments, health, manufacturing, auto, research, chemical and many more with individuals ranging from frontline customer service through to senior management.


We use a variety of leading personal assessment tools to build confidence, resilience and self awareness in people and collaboration and cohesion in teams. These include Genos Emotional Intelligence, MBTI Step II, DISC and Team Management Profile. These tools are used in training and coaching to support and engage people in their role, team and the organisation.


Our facilitators have strong links with business, are highly skilled in their speciality and have the passion for continuous learning and personal development. They have broad experience across many industries enabling them to understand and adapt to your specific situation and needs.

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