What our customers are saying about us

‘There were actually 2 things in particular that I admire about you. One being your ability to grasp the essence of our, often incohesive, thoughts in just 2-3 words. The other is your coaching skill of asking the right questions in quick succession to get deeper into a topic. Such a joy to witness!’

He has schooled readers on the importance of taking a balanced approach to life, to look after one’s mental and physical health, and to endure the hardships of work in a philosophical and mature way. I highly recommend Peter as a source of information and inspiration. He is, indeed, a MindForce.

‘Probably one of the best facilitators I have come across in 30 years.’

Peter demonstrated extensive knowledge in developing a high performance team, effective communication, and managing people.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience your Productive Thinking workshop. The workshop certainly presented some compelling information to consider on how we recognise and deal with stress on a day to day basis

Peter is our preferred facilitator for conducting in-house learning for leadership development

‘We were thrilled to have Peter Cullen speak at The Travel Industry Exhibition & Conference in 2017. His presentation - Build Resilience, Build Performance was thought provoking and insightful. We’d happily work with Peter again and recommend him to other clients’

We were privileged to have Peter as one of the invited speakers. His insights into stress and its origins, the impact it has on our lives and our work were very useful. I am grateful for this opportunity to formally recognize his contribution to the meeting

the Conference would not have been so successful if you had not so generously supported the programme. For your professionalism, expertise, insight, willingness to share, flexibility and support, I offer my sincere gratitude and congratulations on behalf of the Conference Committee

Peter, thank you for your time supporting me to grow into my leadership role by leveraging my strengths and even what could appear as a weakness in order to be a stronger, more substantial leader whilst staying true to myself.