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We believe in building strength, confidence and self-awareness in managers and future leaders. We achieve this through customised training and personalised coaching to develop resilience and a performance mindset.

A person with a performance mindset recognises, acknowledges and understands their personality, attributes, and capabilities to open the door to their potential and future.

Mindforce is a niche company providing proven strategies to support and develop individuals, teams and leaders to reach their goals. Achieving these goals requires us to work closely with you to ensure relevance, an understanding of your individual situation and the practical implementation of all training.

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What Should You Do When A Manager Treats Staff Badly?

Most companies have codes of conduct or guidelines covering employee responsibilities and proper practices within the workplace. This may include types of acceptable behaviour, government legislation, reporting protocols and possibly behaviours agreed to by employees. They may also have policies and procedures for people to follow.
This sounds pretty straightforward. Not so.

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An Aim Specialist Takes A Problem To Task

There are many very real reasons why managers don’t have difficult conversations. Some of these are they simply do not know how to, a lack of courage or confidence, might upset the person or hurt their feelings, it could escalate into greater conflict, potential repercussions, ongoing disruption, fear of change, and concern about what colleagues or senior management would think of them.

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5 Practical Ways A New Leader Can Make A Positive Impact

Good leaders capture your attention, harness your motivation and lead you in a particular direction. They are great communicators, honest and can clearly define and share their vision. But not everyone is born with such attributes.

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