A series on Being More Effective in your Workplace Relationships 

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  • Introduction

    The original intention of writing the weekly columns for The Courier Mail was to create awareness among employees, managers and directors of the important role every person plays in the overall success of a company. When there is happiness, cohesion and trust within a company then greater success will surely follow.

    The more subtle intention of the column was to help people to understand how important they are as an individual and to express themselves in a more complete and open manner, thus allowing their soul to more fully express itself.

    I received a great deal of feedback from committed readers on how the columns had changed their thinking, habits and relationships in the workplace. The other, more important changes I noticed from the feedback was how people became stronger, more open and self-confident in their dealings with colleagues. This also led to some people pursuing a different direction in life. 

    The 52 columns in this book have been chosen for two reasons. Firstly, they represent my most preferred writing, and secondly, they provide the opportunity for you to read and focus on one column per week for a year.